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Great Britain
1:800 000
990 mm x 685 mm
39 in. x 27 in.
243 mm (H) x 110 mm (W) x 10 mm (D)
9,6 in. (H) x 4,3 in. (W) x 0,4 in. (D)
97 g
3,4 oz
13th edition 2014
BORCH Map, laminated road map, folded

Detailed Maps:
Great Britain 1:800 000, Channel Crossings 1:800 000, Great Britain & Ireland administrative, Europe time zones

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EUR [Int.] 9.90; USD 12.95


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Our soft-laminated folded map of Great Britain in the 13th edition shows: Scotland and Northern Ireland 1:800 000, England and Wales 1:800 000, Channel Crossings 1:800 000, Great Britain and Ireland administrative, Europe time zones. Borch Maps are easy to fold, durable and water-repellent with a wipeable surface. Borch Maps show hotels, museums, monuments, markets, public transport, top sights and points of interest, useful statistics, conversion charts for temperatures, weights and measurements, climate charts showing temperatures, sunshine hours, precipitation and humidity, overview maps, time zones, and much more...
"Great Britain", the largest island in Europe, is not one individual country, but the combination of Wales, England and Scotland. It also includes smaller islands such as the Hebrides, the Isle of Wight, Anglesy, the Isles of Scilly as well as the Shetland and Orkney Islands (but not the Channel Islands, nor the Isle of Man, which are Crown Dependencies and not part of the U.K.). Together with Northern Ireland, Great Britain comprises the United Kingdom. While rugged hills and mountains are predominant in the north and west, quiet rolling meadows and countryside are to be found in the southern and eastern regions of the island. Lovely landscapes with beautiful coastlines, friendly and courteous people, world-famous cities bursting with historic landmarks and culture in every respect, are just a few of many reasons to visit this great island.

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